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Friday, October 29, 2010

Brains! Give me Brains!

  Madeline, my 9 month old daughter, is a spunky bright eyed little girl. Always interested in life, and everything around her. She is so precious and absolutely beautiful! However, there is one thing I've noticed about her (and other babies alike). So....In the spirit of Halloween I thought I would bring up more of a silly/interesting observation. Sometimes I feel like my wonderful little girl may have gotten some kind of virus that turns once normal people full of life...into a crazed zombie willing to do anything for BRAINS!

 You have to witness it for yourself to really appreciate the humor in this. However, I will try my best to describe this hilarious sight. Ok...so my son, Nathan, will be minding his own business playing with his toys when all of a sudden here comes Maddie crawling over...then wobbling and yanking on her brother to aid in pulling herself up. All the while, mouth open, wide crazy eyes, drooling profusely....making grunts and groans. Destroying the city Nathan has just built with his mega blocks. Nathan tries his hardest to fight her off. He is successful in a few attempts. He gets his shirt free from her tiny clutches... and like a fearless leader, starts to rebuild his Megablock city. Only to be overtaken by this chubby little creature now overcome with the urge to cure her hunger.  At this point, Madeline continues to drag herself to standing. Once again yanking on Nathan's shirt, drooling...now clawing at his face. As she fully pulls herself up she takes her hands...grabs her brother's head and the I hear....:"Maddie, STOP BITING MY HEAD!"

If you could only see what I see. It is hysterical! Sometimes babies will bobble around and chew on everything in sight. Drool, grunt, groan and unsteadily pull themselves up using furniture or in Maddie's case... her brother. I really took a step back and looked at her actions especially when Nathan is on the floor playing with his toys...and all of a sudden Maddie will just descend upon him in zombie like fashion. 

Tell me though...does this look like the face of a zombie?

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