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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pass the trans fats please!

Everywhere I look I see ads telling you to eat only organic foods ONLY, no high fructose corn syrup, no trans fats,No Soda, Don't even drink JUICE, No processed foods EVER!! You see diet ads for Nutrisystem, Jenny Criag, Weight Watchers ALL THE TIME!  Well, I think this all needs to STOP or die down a bit because it is FREAKING PEOPLE OUT! I can really only speak for myself but it was helping to make me more neurotic than I already tend to be. Now, I'm not blaming the world for all of my neurosis so I don't want people to think that, but this doesn't exactly help.  :o)

While it's not good to eat Cheetos like they are going out of style, or wash it all down with a big bucket of sugary Koolaid. I think this is all getting a little ridiculous now. What happened to the days when I was growing up (which I know, wasn't all that long ago) , or my parents for that matter? I remember eating good foods of course, but I also remember eating hot pockets and drinking a Pepsi.  (not all the time of course)  Money was tight then too and we had Hamburger Helper ,canned fruits and veggies in our cupboards which we are now supposed to never ever feed our children in this day and age.  I turned out just fine! I'm healthy.  I stay active. I've never have had  HUGE weight issues. ( besides these pesky 30 lbs I can't seem to shake since becoming a mommy)

Whatever happened to MODERATION?  I even talked to my kids pediatrician about this. I told her that when it comes to feeding my kids, I found myself freaking out when I would open up a can of vegetables... or fruit. I almost felt like I was being a bad mom. Let's face it, times are tough and canned veggies and fruits go a long way. Now don't get me wrong, I do have fresh fruits and vegetables in my house too, but canned goods help to supplement.

Anyway, getting back to the doctor...when I explained how I was freaking out about canned foods but informed her that I rinse the canning liquid off first before I cook it, she looked at me and said, "well, you turned out ok didn't you?" Shocked, I smiled and said, " I sure did!"  She told me that she agrees too that people are freaking out more than they should these days and she doesn't see the harm in eating canned goods. I told her how when I was a kid my mom made Koolaid with suagr without a second thought and gave it to us. The doc laughed and said everything in moderation is ok in her eyes and we shouldn't be so uptight. THIS IS COMING FROM A DOCTOR!  :o) Boy, did that make me feel better. Knowing I am not a terrible mother for giving my children these foods that I GREW UP ON.  I make sure they eat their fruits and veggies everyday and knowing how I give it to them is ok. (frozen, fresh, canned I mean)

Chips and sweets are treats of course, but what I'm getting at is that society is now looking at canned foods in that same category as junk. I even once read that canned fruit (even in light syrup or juice) is just like giving your kid a candy bar.  So naturally, when I read that (before the talk with the doctor) I freaked out and wanted to throw it all away and just buy all fresh stuff. While I would love to do that, our budget just doesn't allow for it. We do what we can and make sure we our doing our best to feed our kids a balanced diet even if some of it does come from cans.

Now...what is wrong with JUICE? I've also seen that we shouldn't even drink JUICE... not even 100% and the only thing we should have is water or maybe SOME milk! WHAT!?!?!?!?!?! I drank juice as a kid.  My son drinks juice (but I do water it down). I monitor what he drinks and eats and how much he has. I cut him off when I feel he has had enough.  I know all of this "Health Craze" (for lack of a better term) that is going on is because America is considered an "Obese Country". Or, I have read something to that effect. So now, that means on every channel you will see these commercials or flip the channel and see the biggest loser or some other weight loss show to further pound it in our brains to never ever think about a soda or processed food again. And stop ever contemplating going into a McDonalds for the rest of your life!

You know what is making our country fat? Is it the McDonalds or Starbucks on every corner? Is it the newest chip or cracker out on the market? Is it the high fructose corn syrup or trans fats? NO...It's US! I mean people as a whole.  It's lack of self control, lack of moderation,and inactivity. No one is forcing you to pull up through the drive through and order a Quarter pounder with cheese. No one is holding a gun to your head and telling you to drink soda, eat chips and never exercise. If these things are the case, then the marketing companies are really doing their job! Wow... for fast food chains, and snacky food commercials to be blamed for our country's weight and laziness is crazy!

It is the parents jobs to teach children healthy eating, self control, and MODERATION!  I think that moderation is the key. It is ok to indulge on the "wrong" foods that you enjoy every once in a while, but not to try to sustain life on them. It's not so cut and dry or black and white. I feel teaching moderation is better because it teaches balance. Also, it's not everyone elses fault if we are not teaching our children to be active, or being active ourselves. It's not Mcdonalds fault if we are sitting in front of our TV eating their product and gaining weight by the day. Not only should WE be taking responsibility for what our families are eating, but we also need to be accountable for how active we are! Teach your kids (and yourself) to not sit in front of a tv all day. Go outside. Get some fresh air. Take a walk. Go to the park. That's what my kids like to do. I'm sure I am just rambling now, but hopefully you all get the gist. I just wish we (America) could just lighten up a little.  Stop being so darn stressed and obsessive all the time. I am not bashing anyone who has a 100% clean lifestyle, or anyone who is vegan,  or doesn't believe in eating any processed food or anything like that. I am simply pointing out what I see as far as ads and stuff go that are trying to put the fear of god into that parents that feed their family like I do. By no means do I feed my family a buffet of chips and candy for our meals. However, I don't see the harm in having to use canned veggies, fruits, drinking juice etc. etc.  I know I am doing the best I can for my children and they are healthy, active individuals who are flourishing!

So with that I say...pass the trans fats and I'd like to wash it down with some ice cold high fructose corn syrup if you don't mind!  :o)

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