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Thursday, November 4, 2010

My tattoos tell MY story

I read a post on a site called Cafemom that was titled: "Women with tattoos are bad moms". I clicked on the post and proceeded to read it. This woman has tattoos and at the time she was pregnant. An older lady had the nerve to come up to her in a grocery store and say that women covered in that "garbage" are bad mothers. I tell ya, some people really have the balls to say such a hateful thing like that.  I personally take major offense to this because I have a ton of tattoos! I plan on getting more.  Does this make me a bad mother? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

If some people actually cared to ask, they would know that a lot of people's tattoos tell a story.  Even if some of the tattoos don't mean anything in particular... they are still an expression of that person. The collection of tattoos on their body (or perhaps just one if that's the case) tells THEIR story. Each tattoo was chosen and placed on their body as a certain representation of their personality. There are fun, cute, humorous, and dark tattoos. (and many more) Each tattoo I chose to put on my body is a little slice of me. It expresses the many sides there are, and it isn't so cut and dry either. I don't mean look at each tattoo for what they are and say..."oh she has a skull, so she must like skulls or be a Satan worshiper." LOL! Some tattoos we have can express a slice of us by the manner in which they were chosen. Perhaps, someone may have chosen a certain tattoo on a whim one day. This could say that they are spontaneous and carefree! :o) This is just an example. I'm not saying this is true for everyone.  All I'm saying is, don't judge a book by it's cover....especially if you only look at the ink.

It's funny because it's like the left side of my body has tattoos that are family related. The right side has tattoos that I just like!  I have my son's name on my arm (soon to get my daughter's) I have a fairy with stars around her that represent my kids, me, and my husband. I have some tattoos on my back, the back of my neck, leg, finger, both arms, foot, wrist.... WOW! Lock me up! Call DCFS! I'm a horrible human being!!!  :o)

Whenever I see a woman with tattoos and she is also a mother...the last thing on my mind is that she must be a horrible mother. I'm fascinated by them. In fact, I may seem rude because I stare. I love the way they look. I love the different types there are. Black and gray. Color.What they mean. I felt this way about tattoos even before I had any. What's wrong with self expression?

A tattoo to me, is no different than changing your hair color, putting on make up, or changing your nail polish.  That's like me going up to a complete stranger and say," Excuse me, but women who wear that shade of lipstick are hookers."  I have had some looks from people (and I'm sure I still get them). I noticed it when I was pregnant too. I just let them look! My husband has done most of my tattoos, so they can admire his work all they want. :o) 

Who are you to judge someone based on how they look?   It's nice to know that in the year 2010 we are still judging and discriminating. Sure glad we have come such a long long way. I know it's hard, but we need to try not to let other people's ignorance offend us. (even though I stated above that I do take offense to this statement...what can I say, I'm a work in progress!) . Before I close this "rant" I wanted to share a poem that I wrote expressing the TRUE definition of what a mother is to me...Tattoos and all! ♥

My definition of a Mother

She banishes the monsters under the bed,
And softly places a goodnight kiss upon my head.
She holds my hand when I cross the street,
And helps me tie the shoes on my feet.
She lends an ear when the going gets tough.
She lets me know that I AM good enough!
She encourages me and showers me with praise.
She still manages to smile even on her bad days.
With her, I always know I'm protected and loved.
This "she" is my Mother I so fondly speak of.


  1. I must be a bad mother because I have a tattoo and I'm 51! LOL

  2. you have a tattoo aunt barb? I did not know that...lol.

    i LOVE your poems mary!

  3. Amen!! I agree with you 100% - be proud of your tattoos and your beautiful family. BTW, I absolutely loved your poem.

  4. Zoe- Thank you!!

    Christina- thank you very much! I'm glad you liked the poem too! Thanks for reading everyone!