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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I want for my kids.

A lot of parents say that they want better for their kids than what they had.  For me, this statement is not true. I'm not saying my life is perfect. Or that my childhood was one of fairy tales. I didn't have lavish things, and I still don't. Some things happened in my life that weren't so great either. Some of the negative stuff that happened in my life (like parents getting divorced for example) I don't think I would have changed if I could, because those events helped to make me the person I am today.  My kids actually already have more than I had early on in life. They have two parents that are together and have such a deep love for one another. My children also have ONE home they can call their own and not have to go to another one every couple of days. That's pretty good so far! :o)

My parents are divorced and worked hard to provide for us. The things my parents "gave us" are what my husband and I are already giving our children. My parents taught me the importance of working hard for everything you have. They taught me to be proud of my accomplishments and the little bit that I have worked hard for. I was taught that you don't have to have all the newest "things" to be happy.  My mother in particular, taught my sister and I to love ourselves, and how to be happy with who we are.  We have a pretty good sense of self and strong family values. As a child, I always knew I was loved and my parents always made it a point to tell me and show it. I never ever questioned their love for me and my sister.  I was taught respect, patience, and how to have an open mind. I've been taught how to take care of myself, and yet I always know I can go to either parent if I need them to lend an ear.

I want my children to have a strong sense of self. I want them to be proud of who they are and what they have done in their lives. I want them to be strong, independent individuals. I want them to be generous, kind, loving and have a good heart.  I want them to be able to have the tools to make good decisions, and if they don't...I want them to have the strength and knowledge to work through them and move past it with dignity and grace.  This and so much more.

My husband and I are already working hard to instill these values in our children, and my son is already picking them up. He is such an amazingly bright little boy, who already has such a HUGE heart.   My daughter is still pretty little, but she is just as amazing. I can't wait to see the type of person she turns out to be.
There are times when I don't feel like I am being the best mommy.  Then I see my daughter smile at me, and my son comes up and give me a hug and tells me how much he loves me. I think to myself,  "I must be doing something right to be showered with so much love from them"

Life is full of twist and turns, ups and downs. It is up to the parents to give their children the right "life tools" and confidence to get them through the roller coaster of life. I know my parents sure have given that to me.  I pray I succeed in passing those tools down to my children . Those are the things I want for my kids...


  1. This is a wonderful post!!! And I love the new pictures you have on the right hand side. They really say a lot about your family, how much fun you all have with each other. Well said! I can't wait for them to grow up and then look back on this blog. I'm sure that everything you want for them they will get. They have great parents to learn from!

  2. those pictures at the end of your post are so cute mary! your writing really does intrest me! i find my self reading these like everytime a new one comes up!